Whitebox @ TAF. Opening and performance today!

See you there...installations will run till May the 25th! Performance will be today at 9pm and on a later date soon to be decided.

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Digipop aka Afroditi Ioannou shares...

What is your name, (age if you want) location and business name?

My name is Aphrodite Ioannou, born in the summer of 1978, also known as digipop.

What do you create/design?

I am a digital illustrator and my main project is customized Digital Portraits from photos. Visit my site for more eye candies: (greek), (english).

How many years have you been involved in your field? How has your work evolved since you started?

I am creating digital art actively since 2006 but I had always been attracted to various forms of art such as photography, drawing and sketching. Slowly but steadily, people started asking about my work and that’s about when I started working on the Digital Portraits concept. Since then, many portraits “have found their way home” and I am proud to say I have many satisfied customers.

Is it a part or a full time job for you? If part time with what other projects or jobs are you involved with?

It is a part time job for the time being. I also work as a secretary and personal assistant to an economist. However, most of my free time goes into my portraits project. Digital illustration has made its way deep in my heart ;)

What inspires you?

Mainly people with positive vibes. Dealing with portraits, I always try to bring out the best in everybody. I also love urban environments as much as nature and music plays a vital role when I’m designing.

What would you consider a unique, individual quality of your work?

I’d say originality. Making customized art directly for each one’s needs. Working along with my clients in order to meet their expectations and make sure that the final outcome expresses them completely. It is a very challenging and creative procedure.

Who was your first supporter or mentor?

Nausika Georgakopoulou ( was the person who introduced me to digital illustration and my beloved teacher. She is also a very talented graphic designer. Check out her work and see why ;)

Who are some of your favourite designers?

I could go on and on forever …
However, I won’t mention huge names such as Shepard Fairey or Tara McPherson for example, but some young people like me whose work I adore. Go on and google them up ;)
Aris Falegos
Manolis Zoulakis
Moka ART
Alex Mavrogiannis aka yellowish
Elina Tsonaki
Giannis Roubanis aka sugahtank
Dimitrios Fwtiou
Olga Tzimou
Stelios Faitakis

(and many many MANY more)

What are some of your favourites websites?

Your new Whitebox blog for one cause it keeps us posted with everything new, fresh and hip concerning design/fashion trends/handmade creations in general ;)

Also: (staying updated with the art world) (online greek alternative magazine) (online greek fresh magazine) (huge database with online mags from all around the world) (craft paradise) (staying updated with tech news) (music according to your mood)

Do you have a dream client or muse?

Nobody in particular. I think each client is considered a muse as my main purpose it to please and express him through my art.

What films, books, trips etc stand the test of time?

The ones carrying the most intense memories and maybe life altering moments. The ones that somehow manage to penetrate my thoughts, dreams and fears.

Something you love and something you hate about living and working in Athens?

I love the positive vibes and the multicultural feeling Athens has. Small neighborhoods in the centre of the city, graffiti, young and noisy crowds. I kind of hate all the red tape and bureaucracy involved in public administration and also the fact that we can’t seem to keep our city clean. I’d love to see Athens cleaner and greener.

How do you promote your designs?

Mainly through the internet. Before making my own site, I have had countless of online accounts (myspace, flickr, dripbook, etc) which I still keep updating. I also participate in various group exhibs and art events. Word of mouth is also very important and it’s always super cool when a person whose portrait I’ve designed, introduces me to a friend.

What do you consider your best and worse quality as far as your business persona?

The worse quality is my indecisiveness and sometimes ‘fear’ in making big decisions or trying something new altogether. I’m working on that …
My best quality I think is the fact that I’m very polite and considerate towards my client’s needs.

What are your plans for developing your work in the future? Any projects, ideas, plans?

For now my heart is set on the EyeCandies Project (, a blog focusing in the fields of art, craft, photography and decoration. I have been receiving very good feedback and I have to confess I’m really excited about the whole process. I also have the chance to get to know more about artists I love through Interviews I organize on a weekly basis.

A second solo exhibition is also on the way. It has been a long time (almost 2 years) since my first one and I really need to express myself through personal projects as well.

How do you imagine your life will be in 10 years time?

Super busy and I hope still very creative. Probably with huge dark eye circles due to the fact that I’m constantly stuck in front of my computer screen hehehe ;)

How can we contact you and where can we find your work?
Facebook: Afroditi Ioannou

It’s been a pleasure! ♥


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