Dress me Up with Dimitris Strepkos

We held a great event last week at Whitebox..!

Dimitris Strepkos, an amazing designer, stylist and Whitebox friend, was gracious enough to style our summer collections in his own expert and imaginative way! We were lucky to have many photographers who came and shot the catwalk as well as the space and people who came!

Another exciting aspect of the evening was the fact that we hosted the designs of 4 amazing people, all young, all talented and all quickly becoming household names, with awards and recognition in the industry.
These were Celebrity Skin(Dimitris Strepkos and Eleni Mparla), Christina Skarpeli, Panos Apergis and Ourania Kay...You can check out their work over at Facebook where they all are!

You can see many more photos from professional photographers at the event on our Fanpage
These are from my iphone :)