This is a pretty neat concept.

Even her website has ingeniously titled *Office of Kate Bingaman-Burt* :)

The concept is based on her daily drawings of the daily ordinary even mundane objects she and we consume daily! She then binds a selection of drawings together with one original piece and offers them for sale.

In her own words...

"I've been drawing something that I purchase every day since February 5, 2006. Obsessive Consumption represents a selection of these daily drawings. I draw objects that are rather ordinary: Coke cans, Post-it notes, toilet bowl cleaner-sundry items that a lot of consumers have a shared experience with; items that we interact with, but don't really think about. I love documenting the mundane and, in turn, putting a personal face on something that is mass-produced. I make work about personal consumerism, market economies, guilt, joy, excess, more guilt, gifts, celebration, repetition, and the community of these shared experiences." —Kate Bingaman-Burt



New from Anna!

New designs from Anna Economou Handmade... As i fondly call them

...Limited Edition PetLover bags!

I promise to love and cherish...

Well nowdays, weddings don't always last forever, but you are sure to cherish these unique ideas for wedding bands...!

The first comes from Fabuluster at and features rings imprinted with your and your loved ones fingerprints!

The second crazy idea from Sakura Koshimizu at

and are bands with a cut out of your voice pattern and of course of your significant other.

...pretty unique ideas with a deeper sentiment that goes beyond

contrived ideas of unity and marriage...


I love the contrast!

Discovered this Australian artist/illustrator/creative guy

who has a great blog with an even greater title and enjoyed the contrast between his intricate and dark-ish work ;)

Visit the world of Jefferton James here!

p.s. this photograph below was taken by a friend of his while a bunch of people were playing around in a forest on a Sunday??? what was that about i wonder!


...the last part of the style pics from our SATC event!

Cute 50es style tutu outfit! Razzmatazz cloths and Anna Economou clutch
The princess of the enchanting evening! Designer and stylist extraordinaire Sofia Tsopela
aka Razzmatazz!

Asymmetric top by Razzmatazz
Spring is in the air with Marika Poulopoulou *Chrystal* dresses
Kung Fu fighting!
at the end... Mutual respect!
These a-line skirts are made from vintage fabrics and are all unique.
Razzmatazz skirt and vintage clutch.