One day...

One day...I woke up and desperately wanted to go Shopping!...
But all around me were stores with the same fashions, faceless people buzzing around, and a deeply anonymous interraction... Then i came across Whitebox! A bit by chance, as you have to know where to look and go up to the 5th floor at 26 Praxitelous street, but a good friend suggested i visited... So just a skip and a hop from Ermou street, my usual shopping area,they opened the door for me, offered me a hot tea and a place to unload my coat and bags and after a few minutes of relaxing, told me to have a look around... I took a few minutes to check out their amazing view first!

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I saw many many goodies, from plastic, fabric, vintage to silver jewelry pieces ....

girly dresses, polymorhic garments and vintage slips...,
(fortunately for me they were sample sizes 37 which is my size! otherwise you have to order.)

, belts, gloves, shawls, very unique collage tshirts, and amazing hanbags or every style and size!

Prices were a pleasant surprise as they were all handmade pieces and nothing was above 100 euros! Many items starting around 10-15 euros! Now from now on, when i need some pampering, shopping therapy and unique discoveries...
i know where to go!
Whitebox=26 Praxitelous str.
5th floor
near Metro station Monastiraki, Syndagma and Panepistimio
12-6 daily & 12-3 Saturdays.

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