This is a pretty neat concept.

Even her website has ingeniously titled *Office of Kate Bingaman-Burt* :)

The concept is based on her daily drawings of the daily ordinary even mundane objects she and we consume daily! She then binds a selection of drawings together with one original piece and offers them for sale.

In her own words...

"I've been drawing something that I purchase every day since February 5, 2006. Obsessive Consumption represents a selection of these daily drawings. I draw objects that are rather ordinary: Coke cans, Post-it notes, toilet bowl cleaner-sundry items that a lot of consumers have a shared experience with; items that we interact with, but don't really think about. I love documenting the mundane and, in turn, putting a personal face on something that is mass-produced. I make work about personal consumerism, market economies, guilt, joy, excess, more guilt, gifts, celebration, repetition, and the community of these shared experiences." —Kate Bingaman-Burt

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Christina Love said...

Love the blog!!!