Get the Look @ Whitebox!

Introducing a new nifty lil concept for our blog!

We will pick a theme (style, decade, star, character etc) and try create the look with designs from Whitebox, ok and maybe help from some other places! Feel free to send us suggestions for looks we can put together for you!

Here we go...first Look

*50es* Summer Retro

Chrystal by Marika Poulopoulou Summer 2010 gingham dress, Jewels by jessica birdie earrings, Anna Economou Flower Handbag, Angela Rapti cherry platforms, {Flu:k} by Smaro Botsa vintage inspired cuff, all can be found @ Whitebox and a bakelite vintage cherry brooch can be found online!


Anonymous said...

Γεια σας!!! Είναι δυνατόν να παραγγείλουμε κάτι και να το παραλάβουμε μέσω ταχυδρομείου, courier κλπ?

Whitebox said...

nai fysika, esteila apantisi sto email :)