More SATC @ the Box! (can we EVER have enough?)

The Girls were there!The tutus were there! so were the Cosmopolitans and the Paparrazzi!

In random order, here are the photos courtesy of Smaro (thanks!)....from a night to be remembered for the Carrie's (of course! ...ok, i'll throw in a couple of Samantha's) the fun, the styling, the designs by everyone and the overall merryment :)

The pics are so many, i will post in two installments!
Note: All Tutus were designed by Razzmatazz (aka Sofia Tsopela) in short and longer lengths...We all know these are cute, but who knew they would be so wearable! Also the Whitebox designers created accessories especially for the event and SATC!

Fuschia vision...Necklace {Flu:k} Smaro Botsa, rings Jewels by Jessica, clutch and hair corsage Razzmatazz, Clutch Anna Economou handbags.

All outfit by Razzmatazz!

Marika Poulopoulou aka Chrystal (of the lovely dresses) poses with two creations modeled by cute girls and Anna Economou clutches, Jewels by Jessica necklaces and original vintage pumps!

Thalia Geladaki of the famous Life in Athens blog with our Strigla (quite the opposite!) Xristinaki
Again the girls, while i spy Xristina's hubbie taking a break on the lounger!

The 3 fashionistas!

Mistress of Cosmopolitan Ceremony Anna Economou dressed as Samantha!

Tutu Dress by Razzmatazz and Chrystal dress by Marika and a lovely Mademoiselle!

Here i draw your attention to our Summer decor, the shredded paper installation that is Olga's design for this season! (Do you remember the showroom filled with her paper flowers? or bubblewrap? Always ingenious!)

Girls being busy!

Checking out the new Summer designs!

Quite a pose!

From right to left!... Haritini Krez of the OTHER famous blog The Soho Symposium, Athina Koutromanos of Ermou MAG and Catherine Rippi of Cloe Under the Sky blog, pose in front of the famous Red Wall!

Catherine in a very chic pose with Smaro's designs...

...hugging them actually!

Athena in Angela Rapti Shoes, Razzmatazz skirt, {Flu:k} necklace and Alla bag!


Happy and beautiful!

Razzmatazz tutu, Olga Mergou silkcreen flower cuff and Jewels by Jessica necklace.

Haritini in a Razzmatazz tutu and hair corsage and a (Flu:k} cuff...She is stunning!

A bit of Audrey Hepburn mixed with a bit of Audrey Tautou!

Olga Mergou Blythe pin, Nikos Glavinas clutch, {Flu:k} Bracelet.
More photos coming soon!


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Bubu said...


Hello Friend, I love love love your blog, it‘s very interesting!!! I really like your style!! i‘ll visit you many times for sure honey.


Christina said...

Polu wraies oi Tutu kai ola ta rouxa genika!! Na rwthsw kati ws asxeth,pws kai mazeuthkate olo bloggers ekei!? Giati twra teleutaia arxisa na diavazw ellhnika blogs kai den hksera oti ginontai k tetoia events!

Whitebox said...

Thanks Christina! mazevontai giati mas agapane mallon :) oso gia events, to whitebox kanei osa mporei giati empneetai sinexws...