2010 Holiday Ideas @ WhiteBox!

Even though we are in full swing, busy creating Summer designs for the January Trade Show, we had so many requests about hosting a Xmas event, that we were happy to set out a few days for our friends with longer opening hours and a twist of fun ;)
So you can visit us on Sunday 20th, the last Sunday before Xmas, -combine your visit with the Meet Market, the Swap Not Shop Event and many other downtown bazaar events on that day!...We will be open from 12 till 6pm...
and then again, on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd from 12 till 10 pm!
We will have music, tea, snacks, good spirits and a variety of goodies to choose for your gifts and for yourself!
Go on... treat yourself to something sweet, bring a smile to our face and celebrate in style:)

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