Urban Art II

Art Expertise EkthesiS invites youto the opening of URBAN ART II
on Tuesday 1st December 2009 @ 8 pm
Venue: Technopolis, Gazi, 100 Pireos str., Athens
contact details:
Urban art is accessible for all as it is created and freely exhibited on streets and city walls. Since the time of wall painting, urban artists capture the dynamics, vibes, energy and fast pace of the cities they brighten/decorate. Their aim is to awaken their audience (all passers-by) to portray/ project underlying social issues and to light up the modern metropolis’ shadowy corners. Claes Oldenburg’s words, “you stand in the station, everything is drab and grey and suddenly one of these spray painted trains comes along and lights up the place like a large bouquet of flowers from Latin America” summarise this quite nicely.

Nikos Pitsilos, Whitebox Member and Official Photographer (!) was there and documeted the vibe and color explosion of Art & People!
Anna Economou, Katerina Sugarline Productions, Thomais Straycat -all designers-
and Madga Kaloriti -stylist- were there!

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