This little WhiteBox piggy went to Market :)

For those who aren't familiar with the nursery rhyme...
It was to teach little kids about their toes :))
We went to the Xmas edition Meet Market located at Techopolis Gazi,
in the cool round glass thing :)
A great space where we saw several new faces and also we were pleased to witness a growing excellence in craft quality.
Alison is doing an amazing job with organizing the Market and it is growing so much in popularity we think with so many interested in participating and visiting, it could be a weekly event!
Here are some pics from the event!

Alison's creative spot

Olympia will *Rubberize* you!

Kleo and her *Skinny Legs*

Holo's upcycled oh so famous bags

Koutalitses...a tasty paradise after all the event hopping we did that day!

Posers Valia, Marta & Elissavet

Please let me know who this colorful crafter is!
(After 6 hours of visiting bazaars and talking to so many designers and friends i admit ...i was a bit fuzzy....)

New acquaintance i.k design and her funky pieces

Ioanna from *Preloved* which is a new shop in town specializing in vintage
...more soon when we visit and report back!

Ifigeneia's Home and her bohemian luxury...again, more info soon :)

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