Xmas/2 Year Anniversary Meet Market!

At last...People were edgy, showing withdrawal symptoms...
When is the next Market, where is the next Market?
Voila & Behold, all the details for you!
The Meet Market XMAS EditionSat 19 & Sun 20/09 @ Texnopolis, Gazi
3pm - midnight each day.
This December, the Meet Market celebrates the holidays,
and its 2-year anniversary in a bombastic-bazaar-bonanza!!
Come find plenty of gifts for you and your loved ones, ranging from clothes, accessories, records, vintage finds, books, art, toys, photography, objects, christmas decorations, tasty treats, bath & body products, interactive games, free prizes and a whole lot more.
All with a full line-up of festive sounds from local djs and an infinite flow of free wine.
More details soon!


Strigles said...

Kali kai tin exete...!!
Xronia polla k kala!!!

Aphrodite said...

We ♥ Meet Market and look fwd to it!!
Cool blog Whitebox! Keep up the great & creative work!