Lomo & Holga

No it is not a character from a Harry Potter film :)

It's a technique or should i say philosophy of photographing that is quite the rage right now...You could call it Happy Accident Photography!

The Lomo effect started almost by chance ...The beginning was in 1990 with the discovery of an obscure little Russian camera by 2 Austrian guys....
What followed was a new trend in photography worldwide.

In Greece, it is slowly catching on, with several people we know being involved with taking & experimenting with Lomography photos
(yes, it has a serious name!)
Holga is part of this phenomenon
The Holga is a cheap camera which through it's low fidelity image capturing and low quality technical construction, creates images that are distorted, blurry or have light leaks and such...which in turn *might* result into artistic photographs, some have even won awards worldwide.

There are many types of cameras and film, like the Fish Eye camera or the Super Sampler
check out more about Lomo here
and their gallery of featured artists

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